Dr. Jonathan CHOI Koon-shum, GBS, JP


Chairman of Sunwah Group (Hong Kong, China)

Chairman of Small and Medium Enterprises Committee (Hong Kong, China)

Deputy Director, the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of the Chinese People¡¯s Political


Dr. Jonathan Choi is Chairman of the Hong Kong-based Sunwah Group, Chairman of the Toronto-listed Sunwah International Limited, Chairman of the Hong Kong-listed Sunwah Kingsway Capital Group and Chairman of Vina Capital Group of Vietnam. Dr. Choi¡¯s vision and strong determination has propelled his family company to the forefront of Hong Kong corporations, culminating in the globalised and diversified Sunwah Group we see today.

In many ways, the rapid expansion and success of Sunwah closely mirrors the rise of the economies that the Group serves with the dynamic emergence of China and the impressive economic rise of the Asian Region. Established in 1957, Sunwah¡¯s business now covers six principal areas: Seafood and Foodstuff, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology, Media and Infrastructure. Activities extend deep into Mainland China as well as to the environs of Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan and across the oceans to Canada, the United States and Australia. Among the ASEAN countries, Sunwah has been doing businesses in Vietnam for 44years, Myanmar for 36years and Cambodia for 21years.

Dr. Choi is active in community and international affairs which is evident in the wide range of public positions he holds. These include: Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of the PRC, Deputy Director of the Committee for Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of CPPCC of the PRC, Council Member of the Economic Development Committee of HKSAR, Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee of HKSAR, Permanent Honorary President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Standing Committee Member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Economic Advisor to the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive Director of the China Overseas Friendship Association, Chairman of the Hong Kong-Japan Business Co-operation Committee, Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong-Korea Business Council, Chairman of the Hong Kong-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the China-India Software Association, Chairman of the China Hong Kong Israel Technology Cooperation and Promotion Center, Chairman of the US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence of the Michigan State University, Chairman of the China-US Center for Advanced Educational Research of the Beijing Normal University, Chairman of the Guangdong Software Outsourcing Council and Chairman of the China Association (Hong Kong) for Science and Society.