Mr. Lieming Ding, M.D.

Lieming Ding.jpg

Chairman & CEO

Betta Pharmaceuticals, Co,. Ltd.

Deputy to the 12th National People's Congress; Deputy director of Biotechnology and pharmaceutical working committee founded by Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party; Member of the steering committee for the National Key Drug Development Program; Recipient of the special allowance from the Chinese state council.


At the end of 2002, Dr. Ding came back to China and founded Betta Pharma in Hang-Zhou. After 10 years of development, Icotinib -- Betta Pharma¡¯s leading product, was launched in August 2011. The successful launch of Icotinib -- the first small molecule targeted cancer therapy developed by a Chinese company, reached a major milestone for the pharmaceutical industry in China and is the ¡®two bombs and one satellite¡¯ achievement in the field of people¡¯s livelihood as stated by Dr. Chen Zhu, the former Chinese minister of Health. Since its launch, Icotinib generated total sales of 800 million RMB till the end of 2013, a miracle in the Chinese pharmaceutical history.

Ding is well recognized as one of the key leaders in pharmaceutical innovation in China and received many national awards including the Outstanding Accomplishment Award from MOST in 2011, health industry innovation leader in 2011, Innovative Talents award and Team awards in 2010. In 2013, he was awarded Entrepreneurial innovation awards in the 2nd world assembly of Zhejiang merchants.