ThemeInnovation and Sustainability



 Enhancing innovation capacities of SMEs

I.    The investigation on the innovation concept and mode

II.   The cultivation of innovation ability of SMEs

III.   Difficulties of innovation constructions

IV.  SME innovation trend

V.  Technology development trend and the opportunity of SMEs

VI. The opportunities of SMEs in industrial upgrading

VII. The global value chain and the role of SMEs


 Improving the policy environment for SME innovation

I.   Cooperation and policy coordination of enterprise innovation in global            value chain

II.   The international comparison of entrepreneurship policy: financing,                  enterprise incubators  and support

III.   SME innovation in internet environment

IV.  Enhance intellectual property rights protection of SME's

V.   Lowering the cross-border trade and investment barrier

 Promoting SME innovation and sustainable development

I.    Promoting to set up international collaboration mechanism of SMEs

II.   An effective path of enterprise innovation and commercial value

III.   Industrial clusters and SME innovation

IV.  The enterprise community responsibility in SME innovation

V.   Green economy and SME innovation

VI.  Women's entrepreneurship

VII.  Promoting the localization and internationalization management of SMEs