APEC SME Business Forum


SME has always been a key area of cooperation in the framework of APEC. SME Ministerial Meeting and its supporting activities including SME Business Forum serve as an important part in all APEC meeting. The business circles function as a major force in promoting economy and trade as well as in improving the cooperation of APEC. China highly values the business circles and would like to take their opinions and suggestions, in order to build a bridge for them, especially SMEs, to participate more deeply and conveniently in economic growth and regional cooperation. APEC SME Business Forum will follow the concept of Innovation and Sustainable Development, which is the theme of APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, and explore topics concerning the strengthening of innovation ability of SMEs, the improvement of innovation environment and the promotion of innovation and sustainable development of SMEs. The business forum will provide a stage to show entrepreneurship and a channel to give opinions. Through the forum, we would like to make full use of the advantages the business circles enjoy in market information, technology incubation and product innovation and convey the voices of business leaders, who have taken great efforts in advancing the innovative development of SMEs in the APEC region, to the ministers. We will take an active and pragmatic approach to demonstrate the stage built for all the business leaders and offer opportunities to the business delegates and the governments in the APEC region to fully communicate with each other.

As an important supporting event of APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, APEC SME Business Forum was launched in 2001, Shanghai and in 2014, Nanjing respectively. APEC SME Business Forum has gained wide recognition domestically and abroad. In 2014, especially, presidium representatives of APEC SME Business Forum proposed the Recommendation during APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, which received endorsement of APEC SME Ministers. For better extending and implementing relevant outcomes, accompanying other agencies as sponsors, with the support of business circle of APEC region, China Centre for Promotion of SME Development, China International Cooperation Association of SMEs and APEC SME Service Alliance will continue hosting APEC SME Business Forum 2017 in China.

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